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April 2021, Vol 002, Issue 02
Lote Notes | Fire Safety and Security in Practice
Greetings again from the Lote Team! This April edition of Lote Notes will cover a variety of topics related to Fire Safety and Security, including three pieces from our team and some other compliance updates and news articles. 
The Fire Safety team has put together two abstracts for upcoming articles: one titled 'The Use of Cavity Barriers to Mitigate External Fire Spread in Multi-Storey Buildings', and the other titled 'Probabilistic Risk Assessments of Occupant Evacuations for Office Buildings'. These abstracts (and their accompanying articles to follow in the future) reaffirm our commitment to the investigation and research of Fire Safety theory and practice, fuelled by our desire to ensure maximum human safety, design competence and cost-efficiency in all that we do. 
In Security, the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) has published a Standard for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), designated ISO 22341:2021. The new Standard will enable those in the construction and planning industry to gain a basic understanding of the thought process of CPTED and the types of concerns it deals with, hopefully providing the industry a greater appreciation for the challenges and benefits of CPTED in their projects. We have written an article which takes a microscope to the Standard, listed below. We would encourage anyone in construction and planning to read through our summary and the Standard themselves to become familiar with this important aspect of development. 
As usual, our work will be accompanied by relevant headlines and updates to keep you up-to-date on any new developments in these fields. We hope you enjoy this edition of Lote Notes and look forward to engaging with you on these vital topics!
Best Wishes & Stay Safe
Dr Amer Magrabi
Managing Director - Lote Consulting | Fire Safety & Security
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Abstract: The Use of Cavity Barriers to Mitigate External
Fire Spread in Multi-Storey Buildings
By Yahya Elhallak 
Keywords: Fire Safety, Cavity Barriers, Multi-Storey Building, Fire Blocker, Aluminium Composite Panels, Ventilated Facade
This abstract outlines a study on the effectiveness of cavity barriers in multi-story buildings. The function of a cavity barrier is to provide a fire blocker in the cavities located within the external walls of multi-story buildings, which assist to mitigate vertical fire spread.

The main goal of the research referred to by this abstract is to determine if the installation of cavity barriers is effective in stopping vertical fire spread on buildings that incorporate combustible building elements along the facade, such as aluminium composite panels (ACP) with a combustible core.
Read More Here
Abstract: Probabilistic Risk Assessments of Occupant
Evacuations for Office Buildings
By Srinath Iyengar
Keywords: Fire Safety, Office Evacuation, Probabilistic Assessment, Risk, Evacuation Analysis
This abstract identifies some of the benefits of conducting a probabilistic assessment of office spaces that are already compliant with the BCA, as well as outlining some shortcomings of this type of approach. 
Ultimately the full paper will aim to highlight the value of combining probabilistic assessments with an evacuation analysis to more accurately determine the 'real-world' risk to life in the event of a fire, beyond simple 'yes or no' compliance with BCA Standards.
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ISO 22341:2021 - Security and Resilience —
the Long-Awaited CPTED Standard
By Zachariah Reisch and Dr Maher Magrabi
Keywords: Security, ISO, CPTED, Crime Prevention, Safer by Design, Capable Guardianship
The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) has recently released a new Standard for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), ISO 22341:2021 - Security and resilience — Protective security — Guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design.
While we recommend that anyone involved in development review the information within themselves, we at Lote have gone through the Standard to provide an informal summary of key ideas within, as well as our thoughts on its overall effectiveness as a representative Standard for CPTED more generally.
Read More Here
In The News
The past month has seen particularly large-scale activity on cyber-fronts, with the United States being barraged by coordinated cyber campaigns, accusing China and Russia of orchestrating the intrusions. Many other businesses and individuals have been put at risk by these actions. Below is a list of relevant articles, in additional our typical coverage of the news.
China’s Microsoft Hack, Russia’s SolarWinds Attack Threaten to Overwhelm U.S.
By Jordan Robertson, Kartikay Mehrotra, and Ryan Gallagher of Bloomberg
China’s global attack on Microsoft’s popular email software revealed last week and an equally sprawling Russian attack discovered three months ago have created a two-front war that threatens to overwhelm cybersecurity’s emergency responders, according to former U.S. officials and private security firms.
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“Expert” Hackers Used 11
0-Days to Infect Windows,
iOS, and Android Users
By Dan Goodin of ARS Technica
A team of advanced hackers exploited no fewer than 11 zero-day vulnerabilities in a nine-month campaign that used compromised websites to infect fully patched devices running Windows, iOS, and Android.
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Oil Giant Shell Discloses Data Breach Linked to Accellion FTA Vulnerability
By Charlie Osborne of Zero Day Net
Shell has disclosed a data breach involving stakeholders that exposed personal information records. The oil and gas company said an unknown threat actor managed to gain access to "various files" during the time of intrusion which included personal data and information "from Shell companies and some of their stakeholders."
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Ransomware Attack Foils IoT Giant Sierra Wireless
By Lindsey O'Donnell of Threat Post
A ransomware attack on leading internet-of-things (IoT) manufacturer Sierra Wireless this week ground its production activity to a halt and froze various other internal operations.
The Canadian multinational manufacturer creates a broad array of communications equipment – from gateways to routers, cellular modems to modules, and smart connectivity solutions for IoT devices.
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Kamloops Businesses Fighting Crime through
Environmental Design
By Kamloops This Week (KTW)
The City of Kamloops has connected with dozens of local businesses this year to help prevent property crime through initiatives like landscaping, lighting, sight lines and security. So far this year, 91 businesses have been contacted, 11 assessments have been completed and two presentations offering training and tips to deal with hostile and difficult patrons have been made to businesses.
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Behind the Scenes: The Hardware Behind
Keeping Campuses Safe
By Jennifer Zaino of EdTech
With so many people passing through college campuses, safety is a top priority for many institutions. Increasingly, universities are incorporating video surveillance technology as a staple of their security programs. From video storage systems to AI-based video analytics software, here are some of the tools universities are using to protect students, faculty and staff from harm.
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How Fire Engineering can keep your Building Safe
By Architecture & Design
Building fires destroy lives and property, and it’s difficult for anyone to recover from one. However, with the right fire safety strategy in place, building owners can prevent such disasters. These strategies can be developed and implemented even before construction begins on a new building, or during upgrade works on old structures.
Good construction practice takes into account measures that are designed to safeguard the building when a fire does break out. Fire engineers are responsible for developing design specifications that will mitigate the overall impact during a fire.
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Lessons for Australia from Grenfell Tower inquiry
By Russel Grove of The Fifth Estate
The Grenfell inquiry has brought poor choices of products to light in terms that can be easily understood by the media and the community. There are many areas of commonality between building regulation control between Australia and UK and therefore, there is every reason to believe that what is being experienced in the UK could mirror our situation.
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Make Informed Choices when Ensuring Fire Compliance
By AFS in Create Digital
Recent BCA updates to Fire Provisions ensure that product suppliers and building professionals are proactive in designing load bearing external wall systems that protect life and property in the event of a fire.
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