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  • University of Sydney - Central Building, NSW
  • University of Sydney - Madsen Building, NSW
  • UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, Sydney, NSW
  • UTS Faculty of Business, Sydney, NSW
  • Kambala Early Learning Centre, Rose Bay, NSW
  • Future Stars Early Learning Centre, Pymble, NSW
  • Kolling Institute, North Shore, Sydney
  • University of Newcastle - Shortland Union Building, Newcastle, NSW
  • University of UNSW - Faculty of Business & Law, Sydney, NSW
  • ANU Hedley Bull Centre for World Politics, Kambala, ACT
  • Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore
  • Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill, NSW
  • Newington College, NSW
  • SCEGGS, Darlinghurst, NSW
  • Loreto Convent, Normanhurst, NSW
  • Ascham School, Edgecliff, NSW
  • Kings School, Carlingford, NSW
  • St Anne's College, Kialla, VIC
  • Maronite College, Harris Park Sydney, NSW
  • Curtin Chemistry Centre, Perth, NSW
  • Boothe Childcare Centre, Bexley, NSW
  • Singapore University of Technology & Design, Singapore

Lote Capabilities

Create your architectural vision and make it functional. Leave the fire safety compliance to us. Read More

Compliance with building codes in various locations including the Australian National Construction Code. Read More

Computational egress modelling to determine the optimal exit widths to allow for safe evacuation of the entire venue.

Audit of a developments current Fire Safety to assess if requirements are met.

Updating design of development to upgrade fire safety in line with requirements.

Including Crime Risk Assessments, CPTED Review, Security Systems Design more. Read More

Preparation of Emergency Management Planning documentation for 12+ emergency types, such as Fires, Medical Emergencies, Gas & Electrical Emergencies, Floods, and even Building Invasions or Bomb Threats. Read More

Assessment of the Social Impact that new developments will have on the surrounding community environment. Read More

Development of Cybersecurity strategies to prevent unwanted access, loss or theft of information, ransoming of network infrastructure, and other undesirable outcomes. Read More

Analysis of Terror risks to your organisation and the preparation of appropriate measures to protect lives and property. Read More

Fire Safety Value

The primary consideration for educational facilities is ensuring that the balance between the architectural vision and fire safety are maintained, such that one does not have a detrimental impact on the other.

Risk Profile

Schools are often attractive targets for a variety of crimes, including from the students at those schools themselves. In recent years, we have also unfortunately seen many tragedies occur at these sites internationally, related to terrorism concerns. Given this context, it is vital that schools be appropriately equipped with regards to security.

Our Fire Experience

Lote has been involved with early learning centres, schools, and unviversities ensuring that the architect's vision is maintained whilst maintaining a level of fire safety that is compliant with the Building Codes of Australia.

Our Security Experience

Lote has worked with a variety of schools and educational policy-makers, including Australian government bodies, to find the right balance and avoid over-securitising. We are committed to developing the most effective and unobtrusive methods, in order to provide safer schooling environments where children can develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Lote Notes

Changes to the National Construction Code (NCC 2022) For Early Childhood Centres

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Security for Childcare Facilities

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NCC 2022 Specification 43 Bushfire Protection for Certain Class 9 Buildings

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