Places of Worship

Dar Ibn Abbas Learning Centre

Condell Park, NSW

Paddington Uniting Church

Paddington, NSW

Punchbowl Mosque

Punchbowl, NSW
  • Hillsong Church, Norwest, NSW
  • Daar Ibn Abbas, Condell Park, NSW
  • Qubaa Islamic Centre, Mount Druitt, NSW
  • AIM Mosque, Punchbowl, NSW
  • Parramatta Mosque, Parramatta, NSW
  • Masjid Darul Imaan, Rockdale, NSW
  • Canberra Islamic Centre, Belconnen, ACT
  • Paddington Uniting Church, Paddington, NSW
  • MWA Women's Refuge, Lakemba, NSW
  • UAMA Centre, Greenacre, NSW
  • Muhammadi Welfare Centre, Kemps Creek, NSW
  • Sir Moses Montefiore Synagogue, Randwick, NSW
  • Samoan Christian Church, Lugarno, NSW
  • Spicers Retreat Chapel, Cessnock, NSW
  • LMA Community Hall, Greenacre, NSW

Lote Capabilities

Create your architectural vision and make it functional. Leave the fire safety compliance to us. Read More

Compliance with building codes in various locations including the Australian National Construction Code. Read More

Computational egress modelling to determine the optimal exit widths to allow for safe evacuation of the entire venue.

Audit of a developments current Fire Safety to assess if requirements are met.

Updating design of development to upgrade fire safety in line with requirements.

Including Crime Risk Assessments, CPTED Review, Security Systems Design more. Read More

Preparation of Emergency Management Planning documentation for 12+ emergency types, such as Fires, Medical Emergencies, Gas & Electrical Emergencies, Floods, and even Building Invasions or Bomb Threats. Read More

Assessment of the Social Impact that new developments will have on the surrounding community environment. Read More

Analysis of Terror risks to your organisation and the preparation of appropriate measures to protect lives and property. Read More

Fire Safety Value

Places of Worship much like other assembly buildings facilitate the gathering of a large number of occupants in relatively small spaces. Hence, effective fire safety designs are necessary to promote safe conditions for evacuation.

Risk Profile

Place of Worship can be susceptible to many forms of crime – for example vandalism or theft. In addition to simple malicious intent and monetary gain, these developments may also face crime resultant from religious or ethnic animosity, or be the target of more extreme attacks such as terrorism.

Our Fire Experience

Lote has been involved with places of worship, ensuring that the architect's vision is maintained whilst maintaining a level of fire safety that is compliant with the Building Codes of Australia.

Our Security Experience

While the risk of a malicious attack as opposed to common crime remains low, at Lote we believe that combining intelligent and cost-effective security design that plans for a broad range of potential risks is the most effective way to ensure that such developments – and those who frequent them – remain safe and secure.

Lote Notes

CPTED and Safer Cities in an AI world

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Building Code of Australia 2022 Changes

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