Waste Management and Utilities

Suez Recovery

Wetherill Park, NSW

Sydney Desalination Plant

Kurnell, NSW

Cleanaway Solid Waste

Eastern Creek, NSW
  • Cessnock Waste Management Centre, NSW
  • Suez Recycling and Recovery, Rockdale, NSW
  • Sino-Iron Ore Desalination Plant, WA
  • PACT Group Warehouse, Eastern Creek, NSW
  • Veolia Transfer Centre, Greenacre, NSW
  • Sydney Desalination Plant, Kurnell, NSW
  • Suez Recovery, Wetherill Park, NSW
  • Cleanaway Solid Waste, Eastern Creek, NSW
  • SITA Waste Treatment Facility, Kemps Creek, NSW
  • Albury Council Waste Plant, NSW
  • Cleanaway, 42 Charles St, NSW
  • Melbourne Desalination Plant, VIC
  • Cleanaway Liquid Waste Plant, St Marys, NSW
  • Waste 360, Strathfield, NSW
  • iTreat, 5 Nirvana St, Pendle Hill, NSW
  • Car Recycling, 74-76 Seville St, Fairfield East, NSW

Lote Capabilities

Create your architectural vision and make it functional. Leave the fire safety compliance to us. Read More

Covering dangerous goods needs, from data centres and medical facilities to chemical storage and waste facilities. Read More

Compliance with building codes in various locations including the Australian National Construction Code. Read More

Following NSW Government Hazardous Industry Planning Advisory Paper Number 2, a fire safety study is undertaken during the design stage to ensure that the fire safety measures are appropriate for the fire risk within the building.

Computational egress modelling to determine the optimal exit widths to allow for safe evacuation of the entire venue.

Including Crime Risk Assessments, CPTED Review, Security Systems Design more. Read More

Preparation of Emergency Management Planning documentation for 12+ emergency types, such as Fires, Medical Emergencies, Gas & Electrical Emergencies, Floods, and even Building Invasions or Bomb Threats. Read More

Assessment of the Social Impact that new developments will have on the surrounding community environment. Read More

Development of Cybersecurity strategies to prevent unwanted access, loss or theft of information, ransoming of network infrastructure, and other undesirable outcomes. Read More

Analysis of Terror risks to your organisation and the preparation of appropriate measures to protect lives and property. Read More

Fire Safety Value

Waste Management and Treatment Facilities present a unique set of Fire Safety risks depending upon their purpose and the type of materials processed. Lote provides a tailored approach for each facility which considers the processing functions being undertaken, the intended operational modes and the type of waste being processed or stored.

Risk Profile

It is critical that these Waste Management and Utilities sites are adequately protected against any unauthorised access or other criminal activity, as these sites may contain equipment and substances with the potential to injure or even cause fatality. Similarly, as components of national critical infrastructure, safeguarding these sites against cybersecurity intrusion and terrorism-based threats is also necessary.

Our Fire Experience

Lote has experience in dealing with the fire risks presented around the development of waste management facilities from both a building code compliance perspective and occupant life safety perspective. We have written about Waste Management facilities from a Fire Engineering perspective in our Newsletter.

Our Security Experience

Lote offers comprehensive security audit services and security risk assessments, enabled through stakeholder workshops, to ensure that security risks are understood and contextualised within a risk management framework. Lote can assist with the smart design of new Waste Management facilities or work with management staff to increase the effectiveness of operational procedures and static security systems in Utilities.

Lote Notes

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