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Welcome to the second edition of Lote Notes Newsletter for 2023. As we mark ANZAC Day (25 April), we pay tribute to the extraordinary sacrifice, contribution, and suffering of all those who served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. The year 2023 has been eventful and challenging so far, with many developments in the fields of fire safety and security. At Lote, we have been working tirelessly to keep abreast of these changes, assess their implications for our clients and their projects, and provide innovative design and risk mitigation strategies.

In this edition of Lote Notes, we are pleased to feature articles on a range of topics that we believe will be of interest to our readers. These include cladding remediation, a critical issue that continues to affect many buildings, as well as performance-based fire briefs, which are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to prescriptive codes. We also provide a comparative study of infrastructure security in Australia and Saudi Arabia, highlighting the different approaches and challenges faced by each country. Finally, we explore the potential fire risks associated with the growing popularity of EV charging stations.

Our regular columns include Cyber Talk, which provides advice on choosing the right tools for your cybersecurity needs, and the Wellness Minute, which explores the benefits and importance of achieving a state of flow. We hope you find these articles informative and engaging, and we welcome your feedback and comments.

As always, we are committed to helping you achieve your fire safety and security goals, and we look forward to working with you in the months ahead. Stay safe, and best wishes from the team at Lote Consulting.
Dr Maher Magrabi
Lote Consulting | Fire Safety & Security
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Lote's Articles
Project Remediate – Cladding Rectification in NSW
By Yahya Elhallak

Keywords: Project Remediate, Combustible Cladding, Cladding Compliance, Remedial Works
The article discusses the issue of combustible cladding on the external façade of buildings, which has become a major safety concern since the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. The article explains what cladding is and why some types of cladding are so flammable. It highlights the fact that the majority of cladding systems used in the construction of buildings comprise non-combustible elements, such as masonry, stone, fibre cement, glass, and solid aluminium.
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Fire Engineering – FEBQ/PBDB Legislation
By John Khoury
Keywords: Fire Engineering Brief Questionnaire, FEBQ, Performance Based Design Brief, PBDB, Performance Requirements, Performance Solution, Construction Certificate, CC, National Construction Code, NCC

The PBDB and FEBQ are documents that lay out the scope of works for fire safety considerations in building design, involving all stakeholders and identifying outcomes and critical activities. The PBDB/FEBQ process includes a proposal summary, analytical assessment procedures, acceptance criteria, and acknowledgement of participants.
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Building Security and Resilience: Infrastructure Development in Saudi Arabia and Australia
By Ryan Parkyns
Keywords: Infrastructure security, Cybersecurity
In an increasingly interconnected world, infrastructure security has emerged as a critical concern for both governments and businesses (World Economic Forum, 2022). Two countries, Saudi Arabia and Australia, despite being culturally and geographically distant, have acknowledged the significance of infrastructure development as a fundamental catalyst for economic progress. Consequently, they are actively investing in projects that emphasise security and resilience.
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How to Choose the Right Tools & Technologies for Your Security Needs
By Yahya Eid and Dr Maher Magrabi
Keywords: Cybersecurity, Cyber Ready, Cybersecurity Risks, Cyber Threats, Cyber Risks, Cyber tools, Cyber technology
In this edition of the newsletter, we will be continuing our series on a comprehensive guide to preparing your business against cybersecurity threats by considering the framework to employ in order to add tools and technologies to your cyber toolkit.
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Flow – Tapping into your Super Power
By Dr Maher Magrabi
Keywords: Flow state, Zen, Productivity, Efficiency
For those of us chasing moments of extreme focus and hyper-productivity, the ultimate state is called the "flow state," as described by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in 1970. However, the state itself has existed throughout human experience, from persistence hunts of hunter-gatherer groups to arenas of warfare, to meditative states experienced through religious rituals.
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EV Charging Stations and Fire Risk Rating
By Emma Feng
Keywords: EV Charging Station, Thermal Runaway, Fire Risk
The increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in tandem with the global push for a greener environment has resulted in the installation of more charging stations worldwide. However, recent news of EV charging station fires and risks has raised concerns.
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In The News
This the most detailed potrait yet of data breaches in Australia
Every bubble in the chart below is a data breach that put Australians at likely risk of “serious harm”.
It shows a total of 2,784 recorded breaches since the start of 2020 — covering everything from the Optus and Medibank breaches, which exposed the personal information of millions, to mistakenly sent emails only affecting a single unlucky person.
The chart is based on the official record of data breaches reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), obtained and published for the first time by the ABC.
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Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Quantum BESS gets ‘best possible outcome’ from UL9540A fire safety testing
Finnish energy technology company Wärtsilä’s battery energy storage system (BESS) product GridSolv Quantum has achieved the “best possible outcome” in UL9540A testing.
Wärtsilä said earlier this week that its fully integrated, modular platform, using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells from manufacturer CATL, had met all of the fire safety tests requirements for Outdoor Ground Mounted BESS equipment.
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Batteries are catching fire at sea
By Wailin Wong, Darian Woods, Brittany Cronin, Noah Glick and Kate Concannon
Lithium-ion batteries—used in everything from smart phones and laptops to electric scooters and cars—are catching fire on land and at sea. We talk with a former cargo ship captain about why these fires are so hard to put out and why ocean-going car carriers are at particular risk.
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Changes coming for Class 3 and 9c buildings 2023
The NSW Government introduced two laws in 2020 to regulate the building and construction industry.
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'What experts think you should know about UL9540 codes and standards for battery storage
Energy-Storage.news proudly presents our webinar with IHI Terrasun, where we hear ‘What experts think you should know about UL9540 codes and standards for battery storage’.
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Design practitioners' obligations
Regulated designs are designs related to a building element on a class 2 building.
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Australians lose record $3.1 billion to scams in 2022, as ACCC calls for tougher measures
 Doris McAllister spent her whole life working hard to support herself.
She started working when she was 15. She saved to buy a house on her own after a divorce. She fought breast cancer and all the other problems life threw her way.
So, last year, when the 75-year-old saw an international bank offering a good return on deposits, she decided to transfer her life's savings of $260,000 across to help secure her retirement.
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How can Converged Security Centres contribute to the prevention and monitoring of crime in public spaces
This year at IFSEC (16-18 May at London’s ExCeL), the Converged Security Centre, powered by Advancis, will feature advanced technologies which can bring large volumes of data together to prevent and identify crime before its impact is realised.
Quite a claim, but the power of integration can make this difference.
We are all too aware of events in recent years where technology has failed to be used effectively to monitor and prevent a criminal succeeding in their attack. The Manchester Arena attack in 2017 plainly demonstrated this.
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